Battle Of The Sexes (12A)

Jonathan Dayton | Valerie Faris | UK | USA | 2017 | 121’

Emma Stone plays tennis legend Billie Jean King and Steve Carell is serial hustler Bobby Riggs in the incredible true story of the greatest tennis match ever played between a man and a woman. When, in 1973, King accepted Riggs' challenge to a nationally televised match with a winner-takes-all prize of $100,000, she knew that win meant so much more than personal pride, for Riggs, a master self-promoter, had taken the stance that women made inferior tennis players and that he, even in his 50s, could beat out any of the top female players. The challenge sparked a national debate and become an important spark in the burgeoning feminist movement. 

£7.30 (£5.50)

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