Opera Teifi: The Gondoliers

By Gilbert & Sullivan

Join Opera Teifi as they take us to the canals of Venice! We follow the adventures of the gondoliers Marco and Giuseppe - two charming Venetian gondoliers who are informed that due to an error of identity when they were young boys, one of them is the heir to the throne of Barataria.  Matters are complicated by the fact that the heir was betrothed to the daughter of a local duke as an infant and she herself is in love with someone else altogether! Will we find out which of the Gondoliers is heir to the throne and will all the romantic complications work themselves out in the end?

Hilarious, satirical and full of sparkling wit, The Gondoliers is as sharp and entertaining today as it ever was. It is packed-full of memorable songs such as Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes When a merry Maiden Marries and In a Contemplative Fashion.


£12 (£8) £10 (for groups of 10+)

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