Angela Davies: Light Choreographies

Tickets for this event are free, but please click on the booking link below to reserve your seat. Run time approximately 1 hour.

Angela Davies will present Light Choreographies, an immersive exploration of gesture, scale, rhythm and movement featuring aerial performer Aislinn Mulligan and a sound composition by Ant Dickinson. The performance will conclude the current exhibition Silent Spaces.

Robotics are traditionally recognised as tools of industry. Their application can be widely seen within manufacturing and specialised procedures. While these technologies are continuing to evolve and raise provocative questions in their development, their impact can clearly be seen in our time - circuit boards made on increasingly small scales, automated industries and precision surgery.

Robotics in partnership with sensors present the opportunity to be in dialogue with the technology rather than solely as a tool. Responsive systems can allow us to engage with the rewards of interaction outside of industrial applications.

Light Choreographies explores the dialogue between human and technology through an interactive robotic light projecting sculpture. Traditional processes of glass blown forms harmonise with technological systems. The movement of sensors communicate to form a choreography of light.

The performance, projections and sculpture carry reference to planetary bodies. The performer and the robot are coupled, each dancing in response to the other. The dialogue is formed and the conversation is projected, a dialogue of control and poetry, an entanglement of time and of space.

*The technologies employed within the Light Choreographies performance have been realised through the kind support of Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board. The performance has been kindly supported by Arts Council Wales and Welsh Government.

Angela Davies is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is informed by relationships with art, science, nature and creative technologies. The use of these technologies translates the idea of communication and connectivity. Layering and light is used to cross boundaries between real and illusionary space.

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