Birdsong / Can Yr Adar

There is a Celtic rainforest that lives and breathes in Wales. 

Birdsong / Can Yr Adar tells a story through music inspired by Carngafallt, home to a complex ecosystem, which makes up some of the country’s rainforest territory and can be found in Powys.

Trees that have lived there for hundreds of years tell their tales by day to birds from south of the Sahara and across Europe.  Scores of beetle populations beyond belief can be found if you root around.  Spot beautiful butterflies flutter between branches.              At Carngafallt, birdsong fills the air in Spring.  The Summer months bring first flights for young ones. Movements of migrating birds dance for miles in autumn.  Large roosts of birds form when seeking warmth during dusks at winter.                        Birdsong / Can Yr Adar brings this wild life to the stage through a live orchestral fusing of soul-folk and jazz.  Pianist and jazz composer Gwilym Simcock collaborates with Welsh/Bajan songstress Kizzy Crawford to create a special collection of newly composed and inspired songs.  

Lose yourself in this landscape as we explore the hidden secrets of the forest across the seasons (and sometimes against the elements). Experience a day and night amongst nature.

Escape the noise and learn to listen again.

This special performance tours venues across Wales this November, featuring the beautiful sounds of a classical ensemble from Sinfonia Cymru.   Created in partnership with RSPB Cymru, audiences will be treated to unique sounds and visuals that come together to salute all that's beautiful about the natural environment.

The show also raises awareness of endangered forests and wildlife outside of Carngafallt, an area which is looked after by the RSPB.  How can we protect natural land that is unmanaged and battling the threat of global warming, for future generations?

£15 (£14) £12 Children / Plant

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