Clouds Harp Quartet

Clouds Harp Quartet formed whilst they studied at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Their music is written by their founder member Esther Swift. Esther's music takes inspiration from her Scottish folk roots and combines jazz, blues, dance and minimalist influences.

This classical cross-over quartet perform without music, having learnt everything together by ear, and push the boundaries and capabilities of what you would expect on the pedal harp. They will bring you an exciting varied concert, suitable for all ages and all types of music lovers, as well as inviting you to experience new sounds and techniques you might not associate with this versatile and imposing instrument. 

£12 (£10) £3 Mates Rates (11 - 18 years)
The audience was totally captivated by the music and the musicians...
Keith Savage, Buxton Fringe Festival

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