Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru: Hollti


by Manon Wyn Williams

“It’s not us who have a hold over the land, it’s the land that has a hold over us.”

Plans are afoot to build a new nuclear power station on Anglesey. But what effect will Wylfa Newydd have on its nearest neighbours, as the capitalist machine attempts to swallow up a farm that has remained in the same family for generations?

Do we have a choice? How else can we ensure that the light stays on? And don’t we desperately need the jobs?

A bold new verbatim play about a community’s right to shape its own future.

Constructed from interviews with local people, a cast of familiar faces brings to life the arguments for and against this most divisive of issues.

Director: Sarah Bickerton (director of Nansi, The National Eisteddfod - Montgomeryshire and the Marches, 2015).

Based on an original idea by Sarah Bickerton and Marred Glynn Jones.


English language access via SIBRWD – please download the app.

£12 (£10)
English language access via SIBRWD – please download the app.
There will be a post-show talk following tonight's performance of Hollti featuring members of the cast and chaired by Ceri Wyn Jones.

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