Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human

A regular on 'Mock The Week', 'Live At The Apollo', 'The News Quiz', 'Just A Minute', 'The Now Show' and with her very own programme coming up on Radio 4, it sound like Zoe Lyons has some sort of idea what she's doing in life. But does she? Or is she the perfect example of an Entry Level Human?

Decide for yourself, as this hugely popular comic returns with a fresh crop of 'quick-fire observational gags, delivered with utter conviction' (Chortle), not to mention 'proper laugh-out-loud one-liners' (The Herald). And, she 'has what it takes to delight any crowd'. That one's from the Guardian. Are you going to argue with them? Actually, don't answer that. Just come and see Zoe to find out.

Photographer: Mark Vessey  


Entry Level Human is 'just hit after hit after hit from a stand-up who's very much operating at advanced level.
If you think she is hilarious behind a panel-show desk, just wait till she gets on a live stage. Entry Level Human is a supremely classy piece of comedy writing.

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