ASERE 2008

Touring 2008
Blessed with inventive song-writing and a soulful groove, the stylish young 7-piece band Asere bring the full Cuban experience to the stage. Fusing traditional Cuban sounds with international influences and a kicking Latin vibe, these ground-breaking musicians are building a fresh and innovative sound for a new generation. Asere recreate the passion and feeling of the music they heard around them growing up in Havana. Their superb interpretation of Cuba’s musical traditions has produced a creative, pioneering repertoire, deeply respectful of their predecessors yet with an exciting contemporary edge that flows from the heart and into your soul.
Drawing their inspiration from traditional Cuban son, Asere came together in the 1990s to create music with an exciting edge that also maintained the feeling and sabor of the music produced by their forefathers. Staying true to an acoustic base they developed a sound that carried an explosive punch in its songwriting, arrangements and delivery. Asere are proof that the future of Cuban music is in safe hands.

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