CEGIN CERI 2005 - 2006

Ceri Rhys Matthews / Theatr Mwldan Co-Production


Inspired by the hidden wonders of traditional music, landscape and language from Wales and beyond, Cegin Ceri is a new series produced by Ceri Rhys Matthews and Theatr Mwldan, a rolling programme of music and discussion which aims to inhabit the space between the extraordinary and the established, the safe and the risky, the known and the unknown. At each event, Ceri, the audience and special guests will share live music and a conversational journey of discovery into an exciting wonderland of riches - a bit like sitting in the kitchen with a gathering of family, friends, a stranger, only in Theatr Mwldan! If you’ve always wanted to delve a little deeper into what’s behind music, tradition and heritage, come and visit Cegin Ceri! The music of Ceri Rhys Matthews (on bagpipes, flute and guitar) has for many years been informed by both rural and urban traditions of independent music making, both within and outside successful recording and touring bands such as Fernhill. In recent years, Ceri has been partly responsible (arguably more than any other individual) for unearthing many true hidden treasures of traditional music from Wales and bringing them to wider public attention, both within Wales and internationally.


10 performances at Theatr Mwldan

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