Cyd-Gynhyrchiad Pontardawe Arts Centre | Theatr Mwldan Co-Production 


Tour Dates: 14 – 16 October 2011


Take one very sensitive strongman, his neurotic acrobatic femme fatale, add some confused exotic glamour plus a smoulder of sexual tension – and what do you get? Circus Trick Tease of course! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re delighted to bring you Australia’s raunchiest, cheekiest and most raucous circus who have wowed audiences down under with their incredible displays of acrobatics, heart stopping three-person-high balances and precarious human skipping rope. Circus Trick Tease is the creation of three talented acrobats - Malia Walsh is Miss Tinkle, Shannon McGurgan is Plonk and Farhad Ahadi is Ghazanfar – who promise a night at the circus like no other. Gasp! Guffaw! And be seduced by the dazzling acrobatics, thrilling balances and gratuitous headstands of Circus Trick Tease.


Yn addas i bobl 14 oed + / Suitable for ages 14+


“Three characters fuse smart clowning, physical acting and winning comedy style into pure entertainment. Their acrobat’s jive is a supercharged showstopper.” Adelaide Advertiser
“A multi-dimensioned work oozing talent, humour and pure entertainment.” Arts Hub Australia
“...a heart warming acrobatics act demonstrating possession of grace, beauty, agility and strength in equal measure.” The Scotsman


Tour Venues:

Pontardawe Arts Centre, PONTARDAWE

Canolfan Ucheldre, ANGLESEY


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