Eugenio Bennato and Taranta Power 2005



Touring 12 - 23 October 2005


This seriously brilliant band from Naples is a largely undiscovered gem, led by the hugely talented Eugenio Bennato, musician, composer and musicologist. For nearly 30 years, Bennato has been collecting and reviving the traditional musical culture of southern Italy. There he has discovered the immense power of the Taranta, the ritual dance which is said to go back at least

two thousand years and is the earthy expression of a universe of rhythm, myth and history.

Legend has it that the demonic possession of the tarantolati – caused by the bite of the black tarantula spider – could be cured or exorcised by dancing the tarantella. These rituals, incorporating both pagan and Christian elements, still exist in various forms in the rural south. They have inspired an increasingly prominent revival, headed in part by Eugenio Bennato, and supported in Italy by large numbers of young people for whom the music is simultaneously a stand against globalisation and a confident expression of their own culture.

Eugenio Bennato is an inspirer, catalyst and magnet around whom great young players congregate. Assisted by his band Taranta Power (that typically includes cello, violin, guitar, percussion, vocalists and a dancer), Bennato sits centre-stage whilst well-choreographed mayhem erupts around him. His love and respect for an ancient music, rooted deep in the Mediterranean, is complemented by a contemporary and international outlook that carries the audience away in an explosively powerful cocktail.

Nothing short of extraordinary, this is compelling, beautiful, life-affirming and hugely enjoyable - packed with earthy richness, driving rhythm, great musicianship and very catchy tunes! Enjoy!


“The cadence of a delirious music.”

Libération (Maroc), février 2000


“Eugenio Bennato, protagonist of the Venice Carnival in concert in Piazza San Marco... women who cast modesty to the wind in a dance which is ancient and modern at the same time.”

Il mattino, March 2000


“Wild and wonderful Tarantella...the same audience as you would find at a rock concert.”

Sunday Herald Sun, March 2000 (Australia)


“The ancient power of the Taranta explodes: sounds that are so ancient and yet so fantastically modern return to light with an explosive violence. An ultramodern phenomenon…something to really rediscover. “

Il Roma, May 2000.


Tour Venues:


October 2005


12  Canolfan Gelfyddydau Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea/Abertawe 

14  Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan/Aberteifi                      

15  Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth Arts Centre  

16  Canolfan Gelfyddydau Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells/Llanfair ym Muallt

21  Royal International Pavilion/Pafiliwm Cydwladol Brenhinol, Llangollen

23  Galeri, Caernarfon  

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