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Ghazalaw 2016

A Theatr Mwldan | Ghazalaw Co-Production

GHAZALAW (India/Cymru)

originated by Wales Arts International


The sublime sounds of India and Wales combine in this unique and exquisite collaboration that brings together the Indian Ghazal and Welsh folk traditions. The 6-piece Ghazalaw is led by Mumbai-based Tauseef Akhtar (harmonium, vocal) and singer-songwriter Gwyneth Glyn (guitar, vocal) from Cricieth, North Wales. Together, they weave the love poetry of their two ancient traditions together, and are joined by Manjeet Singh Rasiya (tabla), Patrick Rimes (violin), Suntou Susso (kora) and Dylan Fowler (guitar). 

Ghazalaw live are a wonderful and uplifting experience, spiritually and sensually inspiring, featuring six excellent musicians in one beautiful concert.

At first glance, India and Wales might seem to be distant relations, but dig a little deeper and we discover that both the Welsh folk and Indian Ghazal traditions evolve from ancient poetic forms that share surprising affinities. There is a strong historic linguistic link, as both the Welsh language and the language of the Ghazal (sung in Ghazalaw in Urdu) both evolved from sanskrit and a common Indo-European language.

These ancient poetic forms speak of loss and romantic love. Originally a 7th Century Arabic verse form, ghazal travelled via sufi influences to medieval poets who embraced it, making it their own. Traditionally invoking melancholy, love, longing, and mysticism, ghazals are now often sung by Iranian, Indian, and Pakistani musicians. The parallels with the Welsh linguistic and cultural heritage are striking, as are the voices of Tauseef and Gwyneth which seamlessly weave music, songs and poetry fused from both worlds. 




June / Mehefin

2          Hay Festival , Hay On Wye


July / Gorffennaf 

2          Beyond The Border Festival, ST DONATS

3          Beyond The Border Festival, ST DONATS

17        Sesiwn Fawr, DOLGELLAU


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