KROKE 2006

Theatr Mwldan Co-Production


On Tour September 2006


Here’s a very welcome return to Mwldan for this fabulous band from Krakow, Poland (Kroke is Yiddish for Krakow). Kroke’s previous visits have inspired the kind of rapturous audience response that very few musicians gain; and what once was a trio has now become a quartet with the addition of percussionist Tomasz Grochot to the established and much-loved line-up of Jerzy Bawol (accordion), Tomasz Kukurba (viola, violin, vocals) and Tomasz Lato (double bass). The music that Kroke create isn’t world, folk, Klezmer or jazz; and yet it is all of these things. It is music that speaks to the soul, spiritual and sublime. Kroke revel in humanity and in the world. They use simple universal themes like childhood, dance, waves and sun and express them in musical form. They use modes, scales and ornamentations which are suggestively Eastern and ancient, and stir deeper memories, but are at the same time wholly contemporary and alive. Their instruments are not traditional but classical, and their music commands the space and requires your whole attention. Their live set is compelling, visual, sometimes funny and completely personal. From their recent live and recorded collaborations with Nigel Kennedy, through meetings with Steven Spielberg on the set of Schindler’s List, to contributions to the soundtrack of the film Rabbit Proof Fence and numerous acclaimed live performances worldwide, Kroke have established an awesome reputation as an extraordinary band. 


Press Quotes:


“At times, it is almost as if the Velvet Underground have been reborn as a klezmer band.” Ari Davidov
“Kroke live are a hair-raisingly brilliant, unforgettable experience.” Jon Lusk, BBC Radio 3 website


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