Theatr Mwldan / Lmd Productions Co-Production


Touring Wales 2006


Following on from the fantastic performance by Israel’s Yair Dalal at Mwldan back in July 2005, we are privileged to welcome three more masters of the oud, the Arab lute, that most beautiful of instruments. Le Trio Joubran comprises three amazing young brothers - Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran - who deliver a simply stunning performance that will linger long in the mind of anyone lucky enough to experience it. The Joubran brothers are from Palestine, natives of the Galilean city of Nazareth, and are the sound and voice of Palestinian tradition and Arabic classical music. Eldest brother Samir Joubran is an oud virtuoso at the age of 32, already hailed throughout the Arab world, and now achieving international recognition. Samir’s younger brother Wissam, aged 21, both plays and makes ouds. Initially taught the art of oud-making by his father, Wissam was the first stringed-instrument maker in the Arab world to enter the Antonio Stradivari Institute in Italy and has a remarkable gift for improvisation. Youngest brother Adnan, now aged 19, made his international debut in 2004 and is considered a prodigy by his elder brothers. These three bothers are joined by more than music; fraternity and humanity also prevail. They are scholars and masters of the traditional maqam, but allow themselves freedom in their subtle exploration of this awesome tradition. Their repertoire is exceptionally peaceful, contemplative and meditative. Introducing eloquent silences, they play with closed eyelids, not to shut out the present, but as a way of digging into it more deeply. Expect a stunning experience - don’t miss this!


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