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Touring 2005


Yair Dalal is a composer, violinist and oud player and probably the most prolific Israeli ethnic musician alive today. Over the last decade Yair Dalal has produced nine albums, covering wide and varied cultural territory and much of his output reflects the strong affinity he has for the desert and its inhabitants. Dalal's family originally came to Israel from Baghdad and though he has included much Iraqi material in his work to date, he has also created new Middle Eastern music by interweaving the traditions of Iraqi and Jewish Arabic music with a range of influences originating from such diverse cultural sources as the Balkans to India. During past years, Dalal has collaborated with top musicians from all over the globe, recently touring Europe with a Palestinian ensemble from Bethlehem, an act which provoked criticism from some on both sides of the divide. For above all, Dalal is a peace activist. He has attempted to turn his small studio cum café in the beautiful old honey-coloured port of Jaffa into a haven of co-operation and understanding where Jewish and Arab musicians and audiences can mingle without fear.


Dalal remains without doubt one of the most talented and courageous musicians living in Israel today. The fact that Dalal, as an Israeli passport holder, has recently been unofficially barred from performing in any Arabic or Muslim country is especially harrowing. His entire musical philosophy is based on the justifiable premise that both classical and modern Jewish music owe much to Arabic music and musicians, and vice versa. Dalal performed to great acclaim at WOMAD Reading in July 2004, and played WOMAD festivals in Australia and New Zealand in March 2005. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this inspiring artist right here at Mwldan!


“Totally knocked out.. beautiful, global, inspiring, moving.”
“Yair Dalal and his musicians have an extraordinary gift, both in their music and in his vision. I was moved to tears.” 

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