Andy Parsons: Healing The Nation


BORIS JOHNSON replaces Theresa May as PM. Show REWRITTEN. The 2019 GENERAL ELECTION happens. Show REWRITTEN again. COVID-19 arrives – show REWRITTEN for the third time. 

 So the 2019/2020 HEALING THE NATION TOUR has become the 2019/2020/2021 HEALING THE NATION TOUR, and as the tour has gone on, there’s been less and less healing and more and more of the opposite. Admittedly, I could have changed the title but it still seemed strangely appropriate - and some of the gigs have been rescheduled so it would prove confusing to existing ticketholders if the ticket said “HEALING THE NATION” but the show was now called “MY LIFE IN BALLET”. 

 So, we have the serially rewritten HEALING THE NATION TOUR 2019/2020 now EXTENDED INTO 2021, not so much due to POPULAR DEMAND but more lack of OPEN VENUES. And with NEGATIVE POWERS OF HEALING. 

Yet this latest, very new version of the show is my FAVOURITE so far. 


Strictly 14+ Likely to be swearing and adult content

A consistently strong exposer of bullsh*t and a plain-speaking truth-teller through his entire career
Potent live performer…can nail a nonsense with beautiful economy of words
14+ Likely to be swearing and adult content

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