Gŵyl Fawr Aberteifi: Proclamation Ceremony


Starting with a parade from the town’s Guild Hall at 2.30pm on Saturday 23 June an opportunity to enjoy the Proclamation Ceremony on the castle lawn.  Ceremony will take place at 3pm. 

The Proclamation parade and ceremony is free.



Gŵyl Fawr Aberteifi is Cardigan’s annual Welsh language festival which involves a week-long celebration of music, verse and dance.

The festival was first established in 1952 as a semi-national Eisteddfod  - a stepping stone for competitors between local Eisteddfods and the National Eisteddfod.   

In 2018 the Festival will be held at Theatr Mwldan and Cardigan Castle.

The Festival kicks off on the first Saturday with a formal proclamation ceremony held at Cardigan Castle. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are an opportunity to showcase local talent as children and young people (members of CICA) perform a Welsh language musical at the theatre. Wednesday evening focuses on poetry with local bardic teams battling it out in verse. Friday and Saturday feature the main event – the traditional Eisteddfod with individuals, groups and choirs travelling to the event from far and wide to compete in a variety of competitions including singing, folk dancing and recitation. Highlights include the Chairing of the Bard ceremony and the Blue Riband competition for the Festival’s champion soloists. 

The Festival comes to an end on the Sunday with a morning service at 10 am in Capel Mair, followed by a Grand Concert on the Sunday evening at Cardigan Castle.  



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