Cardi Bach (U)

  This is a fundraiser for Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Cardi Bach Railway Society.     We are delighted to present a collection of four short films based on the Cardi Bach Railway, which ran from Whitland to Cardigan between 1886 - 1963. The line was noted for its rural nature, attractive scenery and severe gradients. For many in the area, the line was the focus of the local community, gaining the nickname the Cardi Bach.    Earmarked for closure under the Beeching Axe, the line ceased operation on the 27th May 1963. The closure marked a change in a whole way of life and the end of an era.    Included is a film by Dr George Penn documenting the last journey of the train in 1962, a fi lm which shows views from onboard, another that details the journey of a passenger from Carmarthen to see her family in Eglwyswrw and another that shows the line in full operation in 1957.    The screenings will be narrated live by Emyr Phillips. This is event will be bilingual.   Celebrating the opening of The Cardi Bach Heritage Centre at Login.     £7.70 (£5.90)

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