Chris Wood & Twelfth Day

Chris Wood is an uncompromising writer whose music reveals his love for the unofficial history of the English speaking people. With gentle intelligence he weaves the tradition with his own contemporary parables. A self-taught musician, composer and song writer, Chris’ latest album So Much to Defend, includes reflections on minor league football, empty nest syndrome, learning to swim, cook-in sauce and, not least, the gecko as a metaphor for contemporary society.

Chris is supported by Scottish duo Twelfth Day, AKA Catriona Price and Esther Swift, whose new album Cracks In The Room has been produced by Chris Wood and mixed by legendary engineer Oz Fritz. 

£13.50 (£12.50) £3 Mates Rates (11 - 18 year olds)
He has a gently mournful voice, propped up by fine, understated guitar work
Wood’s delivery is unhurried and deliberate, his lyrics are unashamedly earnest...
An excellent contemporary album, latest in a long line of excellent albums from a man who may only now be hitting his stride. There is so much here to recommend

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