Jan Ravens: Difficult Woman

Who runs the world? Fiftysomething women, apparently. Dead Ringers star, Jan Ravens takes to the road with her well loved impressions of Theresa May, Nicola Sturgeon, Diane Abbott, Hillary Clinton and many others, including Kirsty Wark, Lyse Doucet and Fiona Bruce. 

Why, she asks, are women perceived as Difficult, when we are just being decisive, ambitious and tenacious?

Well, come on, why?

Jan has been seen on, and contributed across the satirical spectrum on shows such as Newsnight, The Daily Politics, Mock the Week, QI, Question Time, Today and PM.

Suitable for 14+

£15 (£14)
A consummate impressionist
Modern, topical, with a fresh satirical twist
A brilliantly funny woman in her prime
Kirsty Wark

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