Rigoletto on the Lake (12A)

From Bregenz Festival, Austria

Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece – compelling, blood-curdling and beautiful – is being performed for the first time on the unique, Bregenz lake stage. One of Verdi’s most popular works, Rigoletto is an unforgettable tale of a sacrifce and revenge; of a father’s rage and a daughter’s shame. It features several of opera’s best-known arias-including Rigoletto’s passionate denouncement “Cortigiani, vil razza dannata,” Gilda’s dreamy “Caro nome” and the Duke’s instantly recognisable “La donna è mobile.” Directed and designed by Philip Stölzl, this timeless tragedy will delight audiences with a powerhouse combination of entertainment and emotional intensity from the spectacular shore of Lake Constance.


Professional musician, teacher and opera enthusiast Idris Rees will be bringing back pre- show talks around the new Opera seasons and has this to say about what's in store...  

"So what do we have for £16.00 [not £70, £80 or even £200] per performance? First we have two different views on the activities of the Don Juans of this world. The philanderers, the womanisers who have always been there and are there now. There is one who is constantly in the news and states that men were not meant to be faithful to only one woman, shame he carries that philosophy into his politics as well. Be that as it may, first we have Mozart with his Italian Don Giovanni - a libertine who has left a trail of women he has seduced all over Europe. The final doom he has inflicted on him is powerful and justified. Rigoletto provided a vastly different ending, a tragedy which sees the errant duke walk away scot free whilst the poor girl he has seduced dies in her father’s arms."

Pre-show talk in the art gallery space at 6:30pm. 


Running time: approx. 150mins (inc. interval)

£15 (£14) 

Rigoletto on the Lake contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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