Lady Maisery with special guest Jack Harris


Plus Special Guest Jack Harris

This well-established band comprises three of the most innovative individual artists on the British folk scene, skillful explorers of the power, beauty and vitality of folk song, their latest album Cycle is a staggering demonstration of the full extent of their creative ambition.  They’re important contributors to the political, socially, environmentally engaged movement in contemporary folk music. Each member is an accomplished instrumentalist, expertly creating a rich tapestry of fiddle, banjo, harp, concertina, accordion and foot percussion as well as “diddling”, a form of singing without words which is a perfect showcase for their sheer musicality.

Jack Harris’ songs take a compassionate look at seeing things differently, he is literate, curious, often in character and always intriguing.

£13 (£12) £3 Mates Rates (11-18yrs)
Beautiful and ambitious
Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

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