Les Triaboliques

A meeting of minds and a natural collaboration, Les Triaboliques consist of three British musicians who play all manner of plucked instruments, have indepth experience of other cultures and a staggering CV between them. All three share a genesis in punk and find common ground today in the blues.

Les Triaboliques are Justin Adams (Robert Plant, JUJU, producer of Tinariwen and LOJO), Lu Edmonds (PIL, Shriekback, Billy Bragg, Mekons, 3 Mustaphas 3) and Ben Mandelson (Yiddish Twist Orchestra, Billy Bragg, 3 Mustaphas 3) - every one a multi-intrumentalist, record producer and serial collaborator.

Les Triaboliques blend Justin’s desert-blues-soaked guitars with Lu’s Turkadelic saz and cümbüş and Ben’s mandolin/barizouki world-string-theories. Amplifiers, air, hands and voices at the ready to bring that famed Rivermudtwilight Sound.

£15 (£14) (£3)

a darkly humorous music all their own
the playing is mesmeric and the humour infectious.
The Observer
Musicianship – varied, adventurous, exemplary – is the key here. That, and a lot of dark humour. Excellent stuff.

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