NDCW: Roots

4 short, sharp dances by NDCWales

Wales’ National dance company lead you through an evening of discovery with a selection of 

exciting contemporary works performed by some of the world’s best dancers. Full of wit, character and stunning movement, the night will also include discussion and anecdotes from our artists.

The company’s Artistic Director, Caroline Finn, presents Beside Himself which  explores how the ego and alter ego exist side by side, and Animatorium where a troupe of characters are brought to life and controlled by their charming yet sinister Master - but for how long?

Lee Johnston’s They Seek to Find the Happiness They Seem is a heart-wrenching exploration of disconnection within a relationship. Omertà by Matteo Marfoglia is a moving and powerful piece about the role of women in Italian Mafia society and their route to freedom.

£14 (£13) £3 Mates Rates (11 - 18 years)

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