Ceri Dupree: A Star is Torn

Ceri Dupree has performed almost everywhere and impersonating almost every female star you can name at one time or another.

When it comes to dressing in drag, as Paul O Grady once said of himself... ’'In a field full of donkeys, I am a racehorse!’

Well come judge for yourself, see anyone and everyone, from Joans - Rivers and Collins, Bassey, Cilla ,Ga Ga, Cher, Amy, Camilla,Tina, HM the Queen, The 3 degrees (how does he do that!?!) and lots more.

All live vocals, impersonations, stand-up, sketches and songs... and a clever twist at the end.

No one show is ever the same,with around 15 gals in one night. 

£17.50 (£16)

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