Our Green Credentials

Free Water Refills

Mwldan is a dedicated Refill station as part of the national Refill scheme. Our customers are welcome to bring in their own water bottles for refilling. You can read more about this scheme on the Refill website: www.refill.org.uk


Cinema Projector lamps

When our projector lamps reach the end of their life they are sent back to Sound Associates where they are broken down. We then receive a report back to tell us what the lamp was saying about the state of our projector, electricity and ventilation. The metals used on these lamps are very expensive so these are collected and this pays for the engineer to look at the lamps. All other parts such as the quartz glass and silver tape are also recycled so nothing is wasted. Even the cardboard boxes they come in are reused.


Our Toilets

  • We use Natural UK for our Nappy and Feminine Waste so none of this waste goes to landfill - it all gets boiled down and made into Insulation Board or Industrial Spillage Kits!
  • We have installed water saving taps in our ladies and gents toilets.
  • A Cisternmiser water system is installed in our men's urinals (urinals only flush when the sensors detect movement).


Our Heating System

Our heating and ventilation systems are computer controlled for maximum energy efficiency and comfort control.


General Waste

All of the waste from rubbish bins we use in-house is hand-sorted by our services team and recycled wherever possible (glass/paper/cardboard/plastic items). Our used light bulbs are taken to the local recycling plant as well as any broken electronics/machines & scrap wood that needs clearing out.


Our Bar & Catering

  • Our take away coffee cups are 100% compostable ‘Green Cups’, made from certified FSC board with a starch material. 
  • Our take away bar glasses are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable and are made from plant starch. The 'not plastic cup' cups are processed as 'energy waste' - this means it is incinerated and the heat is recovered as energy into the grid.
  • Our paper soft drink straws are 100% compostable.
  • The popcorn boxes we use are cardboard and all of our general waste is recycled wherever possible.
  • We now offer most of our drinks at the bar in glass bottle alternatives. 
  • After contacting our suppliers, we have reduced our plastic waste at the source. Mantle Brewery will now deliver their bottled products with no plastic packaging.

Our Brochure

Our quarterly brochure is a ‘naked’ mailing, meaning that your postal address is printed directly onto the brochure so no extra packaging is necessary.  Our printers, Gomer, are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council® and their paper is universally sourced from sustainable forests. Their modern printing equipment is designed to eliminate many of the damaging processes historically involved in printing. Their plates are now output chemical free, the presses run with reduced alcohol and inks are vegetable based and they are accredited to the Green Dragon Environmental standard – level 2.