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Bydd yr awdur, y bardd a’r cerddor Gwyneth Glyn yn rhyddhau ei halbwm newydd, Tro, ar label bendigedig ar y 29ain o Fedi. Tro yw’r albwm unigol ddiweddaraf gan un o artistiaid mwyaf diddorol a disglair Cymru. Mae cariad Gwyneth at iaith, a’i chrefft a’i dawn fel cyfansoddwraig yn amlwg yn y caneuon grymus hyn. Hefyd yn ymddangos ar yr albwm mae Seckou Keita, y chwaraewr Cora adnabyddus o Senegal, a Rowan Rheinigans, enillydd Gwobr Werin BBC Radio 2.

Tro yw’r albwm gyntaf i gael ei ryddhau ar label newydd, bendigedig, partneriaeth annibynnol rhwng Theatr Mwldan, Aberteifi ac ARC Music Productions International Ltd. Bydd Gwyneth Glyn yn cefnogi Catrin Finch a Seckou Keita ar eu taith yng Ngwanwyn 2018.


Archebwch eich copi o Tro oddi wrth


Press quotes for Gwyneth Glyn's Tro:


“So beautiful….fabulous stuff” 

Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Music


"An excellent new album from Gwyneth Glyn"

Gideon Coe, BBC 6


“Gwyneth Glyn is one of the most inspirational and consistent musicians in Wales…Tro is an inspired title for this brilliant album. The word has multiple meanings on themes ranging from turn(ing) and change to stirring (tea)…. The packaging is superb….A wow factor release.”

5* Ken Hunt, fRoots October 2017 (Also Playlist Album Choice)

“Tro is less an album and more a journey: to the quiet, longed-for corners of Wales, but also across the world, taking in West Africa and the Asian subcontinent. And it is an inward journey, an exploration of love and its many meanings and guises. As a whole, it is a poetic and deeply moving experience.”

Folk Radio UK, reviewed by Thomas Blake


“The vocals are intimate, sometimes almost whispering, but powerful at the same time, and the arrangements are elegant and perfectly tailored to the songs, sometimes fragile…a huge power. Special.”

The Netherlands: Moors Magazine


“delicate, alluring and eminently listenable”

“absorb the exquisite vocals and luxuriate in the poetic sounds of ‘Tro’ and listen to an exceptional aural delight woven from an ancient Celtic language”

There’s a palpable texture and intense feel to ‘Tro’, it reaches out to pull you in a profound and distinctive way. However your ears perceive the ebb and flow of this album ... light or dark, promising or portentous ... its grip is strong and powerful.”

Folk Words (UK), reviewed by Tim Carroll, August 2017


“A deeply entrancing, enchanted, brooding, misty and atmospheric album; deeply Welsh, and most of the songs are sung in Welsh too…. Musically it is a glorious production… truly delightful, I’m enraptured by it…” 

Sacred Hoop, Nicholas Breeze Wood, September 2017


“Lighting the way for a new ‘integrated independent partnership’ between the Cardigan-based Theatr Mwldan, the polygenesis renowned ARC label, and artist, the first major solo album from assiduous writer, poet and songstress Gwyneth Glyn, effortlessly traverses the Welsh valleys, Scottish Highlands, Appalachian Mountains and West African landscapes with an assured earnestness and the most delicate of touches…. Tro is a subtle refined encapsulation of the Bendigedig platform’s raison d’être; an enriching experience and showcase for an impressive singer. On the strength of this album alone that new venture looks set to be creatively rewarding.”

Monolith Cocktail, Sept 2017

…“outward-looking and passionate performer”… “Glyn’s warm vocals embrace the listener; taking one on a journey back to her spiritual and physical home in North Wales following an extended period of absence.”

4* RnR Magazine, reviewed by Dave Haslam Sept/Oct Issue 2017

“This album once again proves that good music does not limit itself by boundaries”

Rootstime (Belgium), Sept 2017 review by Dani Heyvaert


“A fascinating mix of Welsh traditions with world music elements from India and Africa. Tro is an impeccable example of open-minded folk music craftsmanship.”

WorldMusic Central


“The vocals are intimate, sometimes almost whispering, but powerful at the same time, and the arrangements are elegant and perfectly tailored to the songs, sometimes fragile…a huge power. Special.”

The Netherlands: Moors Magazine (The Netherlands), August 2017


“A solid and very well produced album that deserves to be discovered.”

Le Canard Folk (Belgium), Sept 2017


“Gwyneth Glyn is a rising star of modern Celtic culture in general and Wales in particular.”

Jazz Quad (Russia), review by Leonid Auskern


“…authentic and charismatic, as if her consciousness was deeply tied into the notes and words of each and every track featured on this record.” 

“Tro is a portrait of an artist who deeply regards her own influences and her own background - yet who’s keen on setting the bar higher and branch out to feature various elements of different derivation.”

“This album is an excellent showcase of Gwyneth’s outstanding musicianship and accomplished vision, blurring the lines between traditional folk and contamination of various genres and influences - still done in a subtle way that gently creeps into the folk footprint.”

5* Celtic Radio





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